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  • Browse to my website at:
  • At the upper right of the welcome screen you'll find the main menu buttons.
  • Click the Portfolio button.

  • The Portfolio window is divided into two sections. On the left you can access more sections such as My FaceBook archives (see further up).
  • On the right you can access My PhotoStation (or subsections) which gives you access to user friendly Photo Albums. For me this is an easy way to publish and manage Photo Albums.
  • Just click on 'PhotoStation' right now…


My PhotoStation

  • Voila… welcome to my public PhotoAlbums. This wasn't too difficult no?
  • You can read a little further now or you just start clicking wherever you want…

! On the upper right you'll see a button 'Aanmelden' . Entering your login and password gives you access to 'Privat' albums.

  • Let's click the 'Music and Dance' Albums and try to discover the performance of 'Pieter Embrechts' at the 'ccMerksem' from 2018.

The Album menu on the left will expand and you'll see all the different underlying 'Music and Dance' albums. They are also represented by an icon on the right.

  • Click the 'ccMerksem' menu or pictogram. This gives you a window as show above.
  • Click the year '2018'


  • The same happens… more PhotoAlbums are accessible and we'll find the 'Pieter Embrechts' album. Click on the icon to enter and to see the contents as shown below.


  • You'll see all the images in this album, eventually you can access more pages if there are any. When you click an icon you see the image in full resolution. Clicking the arrow lift or right brings you to the next or previous image. Clicking the 'Diavoorstelling' presents you an automatic presentation of all pictures. You can stop this presentation by pressing 'esc'.

Now you should have a pretty good idea how this works and you are free to discover the rest of the PhotoAlbums. Don't hesitate to contact me if there's anything unclear or if you want more information. The contents changes regularly so please come back more often.

Since a few years I daily publish one photo on my FaceBook. They doesn't stay there and I'll remove them regularly from this medium. They are cataloged in my Portfolio… just check it. It gives you an idea on my different visions and techniques.
My FaceBooks 'friends' will miss my stories on these pictures. PhotoStation is not capable to display them (yet) on an easy way. Using the sub-menu on my Main Portfolio solves this shortcoming.

Read below how to manage, it's easy…

The first time you access this option it might take a while and sometimes you might get an error when it takes too long. Don't worry about this and access it a second, or third or eventually a fourth time. It's only once… and after all you get a screen as illustrated below. All annual archives are listed and ready for you to access.


  • With the timeline arrows you can browse the pictograms.
  • Clicking a pictogram gives you the high resolution of the image with the description text.
  • Use the forward, back, stop (exit) or slideshow button to navigate.