Welcome to my Portfolio

This section has been revised completely since July 1st, 2018. During the past years more and more albums came up and it became too difficult to manage all this on the website. Now can can find most images on a dedicated webserver with a section called 'PhotoStation'. Maybe it takes a little bit longer to access my Portfolio, but once you're in, you'll be in a different world were you can enjoy the photos. Navigation between different albums and photos is much easier. You can click everywhere on a photo till you got it maximised on your screen. Try the slideshow? For me this gives an improved security. I made it much harder for you to steel pictures and to use them under another name. Those who know me a little bit better... if you want an image... just ask for it!

Just click on PhotoStation to access my Portfolio. Due to security reasons I had to limit access to some pages.

Among these 'hidden' pages are Music and Dance, Travelling and many more...
Use my Contact Page to ask for a login and a password. Of course I'm curious to read your motivation.

Cick 'How to Log In' for more instructions to access these these albums.

For frequently used albums you can use a shortcut to access one of the specific catagories:

Please don't hesitate to sent me a message using the contacts form with your suggestions, remarks or whatsoever...