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Underground explorations is a dangerous occupation and I advice nobody to enter disused mines without professional guidance. Don't enter a mine without someone who knows the old mine workings very well and someone who you can trust and can rely on..

I can't express enough... keep out !

My son at New Wheal Russell Mine, Devon, UK (2008)

My son at New Wheal Russell Mine, Devon, UK (2008)

A disused mine is very dangerous because of several reasons. A list of all dangers is far too long and certainly never complete. One can think of rotten wood and unstable workings. A sudden change of weather (rain) can raise the underground water level. A level can yield hidden and flooded shafts which are often invisible (until it's too late). Underground levels are often a maze and one can get lost very easily. There's no light... except what you carry and be careful for a shortage of oxygen or bad gasses. Don't make unnecessary noise because vibrations can loosen rock which might block your way out.

Once you're underground, you're on your own and nobody will hear your cry for help. There's no mobile, no telephone nor fax... leave a note of your plans to someone above. Never have stress, stay calm, never be in a hurry and be careful!

Once again: keep out !

During my underground explorations, often together with my son Erik, and accompanied with a camera I extended my photographing skills learning photographing in the dark. A simple digital pocket camera (Nikon 995), a IR remote flash gun and our headlights were used.  Now in 2015, I've bundled a first series in my Portfolio for you to enjoy.

Please note the quality is not always what you might expect. The reasons are poor equipment (old camera, no tripod,...), poor light and keep in mind... an old mine isn't a photographic studio ! All photos date from 2007 - 2008.

My son at New Wheal Russell Mine, Devon, UK (2008)

My son at New Wheal Russell Mine, Devon, UK (2008)

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