In 2013 I started to publish one photo a day on my FaceBook which I documented with a little descriptive text. Regularily I delete them afterwards from that medium and people asked me where is that photo from last month? Where can I see it again.... Therefore I bundled them on my website.

Much asked are my FaceBook Archives (read more in the About Me section under Photography). These are also covered and more updated in PhotoStation (My Portfolio) but I can't include the desciptive text here on an automatic way and I'm too lazy to enter all that manually. But with the modules below it is possible when you click on an image to see it more in detail. Down below that window you can read the short story about that image.

In the late 2014 I started to publish one photo daily on my Facebook. Today (July 2018) more than 1250 different photos passed the revue and I've been asked to combine them on my website which happened earlier (links in the menu section on the left). Every photo has a story but unfortunately I can't put the description everywhere. See My Facebook Archives or down here where you can click the photo to read the descriptoin.

Archives 2014:


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Archives 2018:

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