Welcome to my New Portfolio (December 2017)

My old portfolio was written in Simpleviewer, an outstanding programma but it had some difficulties such as:

  • Not all web browser supported XML language.
  • Before being published online it needed to be compiled.
  • Interfacing with Joomla wasn't that easy.

Hopefully all these problems are solved with this new plugin (SIGPLUS from Levente Hunyadi) and life become easier for me...

Alternatively you can view my images on PhotoStation which gives me more options and flexibility (January 2018)

Please don't hesitate to sent me a message with your suggestions, remarks or whatsoever...

Select an album and enjoy ! 

An Example

Click on an image to see the photo in a larger format. A slideshow starts automatically. Use the buttons below of use the ESC key to return to the gallery overview.